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分享 fdisk -l 命令详解
isap 2017-9-6 11:19
如下表格中显示的是我自己机器ubuntu下fdisk -l 命令的显示结果:    注: 本机硬盘一共有C D E F 四个盘,曾经装过Ubuntu10.04版本的ubuntu,后来又装一个10.10版本,但是10.04版本分区并没有删除或格式化。 Disk /dev/sda: 320.1 GB, 320072933376 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 38913 cylinders Units ...
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分享 nike roshe flyknit for sale
nypd5xoi 2015-9-10 14:25
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分享 SAP ECC R3版本历史
isap 2014-11-11 14:49
SAP R/3 Enterprise Release 4.0B Release Date June 1998 SAP R/3 Enterprise Release 4.5B Release Date March 1999 SAP R/3 Enterprise Release 4.6C December 1999 SAP R/3 Enterprise Release 4.6C April 2001 SAP R/3 and R/3 Enterprise 4.70 SR1 Release Date March - D ...
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分享 Difference Between SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW
isap 2014-11-5 16:55
role SAP_NEW: SAP_NEW is a SAP standard Profile which is usually assigned to system users temporarily during an upgrade to ensure that the activities and operations of SAP users is not hindered, during the Upgrade. It contains all the necessary objects and transactions for the users to contin ...
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分享 Cheap Jerseys From China
shekplos4u 2014-7-29 16:40
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分享 SAP系统中的用户类型
isap 2014-6-17 10:49
在SAP系统中使用 SU01 维护用户时,在登录数据选项卡中会要求选择用户类型,一般我们都选择第一项 Dialog,但是其他几个选项有什么作用呢?下面我们就一一解释。 对话用户 顾名思义,就是需要通过 SAP GUI 与 SAP 系统进行交互的用户。 在对话用户登录时,系统会检 ...
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分享 SAP Roll Area
isap 2013-12-11 10:52
Definition The roll area is a memory area with a set (configurable) size that belongs to a work process. It is located in the heap of the virtual address space of the work process. Use When the context of a work process changes, the data is copied from the roll area to a common resource call ...
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分享 Examples of BRRESTORE Runs
isap 2013-11-12 13:44
Examples of BRRESTORE Runs brrestore -b last -m all Restore all tablespaces without the control file and online redo log files from the last successful backup. brrestore -b bcnmhluz.aft -m full Restore all the files from backup bcnmhluz.aft , including the control file ...
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分享 SAP HANA Architecture
isap 2013-5-31 17:48
In this article we will discuss about the architecture overview of the In-Memory Computing Engine of SAP HANA. The SAP HANA database is developed in C++ and runs on SUSE Linux Enterpise Server. SAP HANA database consists of multiple servers and the most important component is the Index Server . SA ...
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分享 Errors in SPAM Steps
isap 2013-4-1 09:43
If an error is recognized in a step, the SPAM transaction stops the processing until the error is corrected. You can get information about the reason the SPAM transaction was stopped and in which step by choosing Status . Error Types Here are the following types of error me ...
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